As of October 17, 2021, both our Liverpool and Baldwinsville locations are closed for the season. Like our page on Facebook for updates on our Spring 2022 open date!

Emmi Farms & Shute's Sugar Shack

"From our maple trees, to your table."

‚ÄčAbout Shute's Sugar Shack

Shute's Sugar Shack is family owned and operated in Baldwinsville, New York, and located just across the river from Emmi Farms. They have been beekeeping for 20 years and began retail 3 years ago. Their delicious honey is raw, pure, and bottled from the hive. At Shute's, they heat the honey only enough to strain, so that it maintains all it's healthful qualities that you turn to when your struck with a cold, or just want to feel cozy! Surrounded by organic land, they strive to keep their honey top quality. Shute's has been producing maple syrup since 2016; on the same lands as their honey operation. Each batch of Maple Syrup is made by hand in a wood fired evaporator. 

Reach them at 315-440-4780

There are two things Upstate New Yorkers of all ages always get excited to see on the shelves - pure, raw honey and all-natural, locally produced maple syrup. Lucky for us here at Emmi's, we have neighbors right across the Seneca River who are more than happy to provide us with their products each season. It goes without saying that our customers are certainly not the only people stocking up on their delicious goods! All of us here at Emmi's like to make sure we stock up before everything sells out and the first snowfall hits.


  Homegrown in Baldwinsville, NY