​Emmi Farms & Buttercup Cheese

On a Saturday like any other, two generational companies rose with the sun, loaded their trucks and headed out to sell their goods at the Syracuse Regional Market. Buttercup Cheese and Emmi Farms' stalls had been diagonally across from one another for a decent amount of time when Joseph Emmi Sr. (Tony's brother), and his wife, Christina Emmi, decided they wanted to try Buttercup Cheese at our Baldwinsville location. While Buttercup Cheese is no longer at our fingertips at the Regional Market, their products are still sold there, and we are more than happy to have their products so close to home!

About Buttercup Cheese

Buttercup Cheese is a third generation family business that has been providing the CNY area with high quality cheese for decades. They are best known for their product's presence at the Syracuse Regional Market, and for their top notch NYS Cheddar Cheese (aged from 1-10 years) that has been around since 1969. 

They also have domestic cheeses from NY and around the U.S., imported cheese from all over the world, a wide variety of flavored cheeses, and other delicious, miscellaneous items.

To learn more, visit their website, or find them on facebook as @ButtercupCheese​.


  Homegrown in Baldwinsville, NY

As of October 17, 2021, both our Liverpool and Baldwinsville locations are closed for the season. Like our page on Facebook for updates on our Spring 2022 open date!